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Family Law Attorneys In San Antonio

Expertise, Experience, and Compassion

At LaHood & Calfas, we have the expertise, experience and compassion to see you through the trying times of legal matters that involve family. During this trying time, you need legal counsel from a family law attorney who is honest and knowledgeable, while also aggressively pursuing your best interests. Our areas of expertise include:

Contested and Uncontested Divorce

Parting ways with your spouse can be both heartbreaking and frustrating. When you’re in the process of a divorce, you need an experienced divorce attorney who will keep your best interests in mind at all times and consider the difficulties you face. During your divorce proceedings, we are your advocates, and we aggressively pursue any property settlements, debt allocation, spousal support and alimony that is fair to you. At LaHood & Calfas, we work to facilitate your divorce and get you on the path to your new start as soon as possible.
The LaHood & Calfas family law team

Left to Right: Atty. Zachary Edwards, Family Paralegal Sandy Lopez, Family Paralegal April Cruz, Atty. Chase Butler

Child Custody and Visitation Enforcement

Child Custody – Worry for your children can add another dimension of stress to a divorce. With LaHood & Calfas, you can depend on our knowledge and experience to ease your mind. We understand your reasons for concern, and we’ll work tirelessly toward achieving your goals. We’ll put together a solid legal strategy to get you and your children the best possible physical and legal custody result in your child custody case.

Visitation Enforcement We not only represent you during the custody agreement process, but also after the judge has made a court order and outlined the custody arrangements. If there are any problems with your coparent during this process, we will handle the legal requirements for visitation enforcement to make sure you and your children are happy and safe.

Child Support – In Texas, both parents are required to support their children financially, even after divorce. The details of the child support agreement are based on a number of factors that relate to your child custody agreement and each parent’s income. At LaHood & Calfas, we protect your financial interests while keeping in mind the financial needs of your children.

Postdecree Modifications

After your divorce is final, your life will move on, and you will adjust to your new lifestyle. You may encounter changes such as relocation, a new job, remarriage or a medical condition, and those changes may affect the terms previously established by your divorce or child custody agreement. In these situations, LaHood & Calfas can help you to renegotiate a new agreement that will benefit you and your children based on your new circumstances.


Guardianship can include both the care of a person and/or of their estate, and the person for whom you become guardian (called the “ward”) can be either a minor or a person of any age who is incapacitated in some way. We have extensive experience in any type of legal guardianship matters you may face.

Grandparents’ Rights

Many people do not realize how the end of a marriage can affect extended family. Whether a couple parts ways because of divorce or an unfortunate situation such as the passing, incarceration or incapacitation of one spouse, the whole family is affected. As a grandparent, your rights to see your grandchildren do not end simply because the parents’ relationship ended. At LaHood & Calfas, we know Texas grandparents’ rights laws, and we know how to fight for you and the best interests of your beloved grandchildren.


Whether you are hoping to start a family or trying to adopt your stepchildren, grandchildren or other loved ones, we can help you navigate the legal requirements of the adoption process. There are many reasons to adopt, and LaHood & Calfas has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the documentation and any court appearances you may have to go through in your adoption process.

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