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Legal Counsel for Robbery Charges in San Antonio


Committing theft while using force is known as robbery. A theft must have at least one victim to qualify as a robbery offense. If the force occurred after the theft has occurred, the theft may not be considered a robbery.

Examples of robbery could include:

  • Snatching a purse from someone who does not want to relinquish it

  • Intimidating someone to surrender his or her wallet

A normal robbery qualifies as a second-degree felony in most states.

Armed and/or Aggravated Robbery

Committing an act of theft while using force while in possession of a weapon is known as armed robbery. Armed robbery in many states is also known as aggravated robbery.

Examples of armed robbery may include:

  • Stealing from a bank using an assault rifle

  • Stealing a purse from someone by threatening with a gun

Aggravated robbery often qualifies as a first-degree felony in the eyes of the law.

Need Help for Robbery Charges?

The Law Offices of LaHood and Calfas can help work towards providing you with a fair and just solution to your legal woes. Our team wants to make sure the state preserves your rights according to the definition and the word of the law. You are not a thief until intent is proven on the terms of the law. If you live in the San Antonio area and need legal counsel, call on our team to schedule a free consultation.

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