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Experienced Defense for Sex Crime Cases in San Antonio

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is any sexual behavior or contact that happens without the stated consent of the receiver. Often, sexual assault refers to forced intercourse or groping, but can also refer to any sexual activities that occur without consent.

Sex crimes are treated severely, with those who are prosecuted being forced to register as sex offenders along with any other jail time or fines associated. There are also many charges that can qualify as a sex crime.



Rape is any type of sex that happens without consent. Rape does not have to be through vaginal intercourse to qualify as rape. If someone has been forced to participate in oral, anal or any other kind of sexual activities without giving his or her stated permission, then the state considers the action to be rape.

Many rapes occur by people whom the victim already knows. If a person has been raped by someone he or she knows, then the charge may be called date rape.

Additionally, if alleged victims have been given drugs, alcohol or some other substance that inhibits their ability to make decisions, stated consent does not necessarily qualify as actual consent.

Rape charges often result in felony charges with possible jail time and probation if released.

Statutory Rape

The state of Texas defines statutory rape as sexual activity involving a person aged 18 or older with a person who is 17 years old or younger.

Even if the younger party gave his or her explicit and sober consent, statutory rape is still illegal. Persons 17 and younger are considered minors; therefore, their mental and emotional faculties are incapable of giving clear and reasoned decisions regarding consent.

Statutory rapes are often charged as felonies with possible jail time and fines. The only way a statutory rape could be charged as anything less than a felony is if the consenting parties are three years or less apart in age. Even then, the older party could still be charged with statutory rape, but with a lessened conviction.

Prostitution or Solicitation

Prostitution is the action of engaging in sexual activities with monetary exchange. Solicitation of prostitution is the act of purchasing sexual activities. In Texas, both actions are considered no less than a Class B misdemeanor with possible jail time and fines.

Have You Been Convicted of a Sex Crime?

Sex crimes in the state of Texas can often carry harsh sentences for those accused. If you or someone you know has been charged with a sex crime, contact the Law Office of LaHood and Calfas. Their criminal defense attorneys have worked on many sex crime cases and can work toward giving you the best solution possible for your case.

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