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About the Law Office of LaHood & Calfas PLLC

Being accused of a crime is difficult, and can be too much to handle alone. During your court appearances and trial, it’s beneficial to have an experienced and assertive lawyer by your side.

The San Antonio lawyers at LaHood & Calfas can lend their knowledge and expertise to your case; you’ll have no doubts that you are in the trustworthy hands of a lawyer who will fight for you. Schedule a free, confidential consultation today to learn more about how we can work together on your case.

Immediately upon joining forces and creating LaHood & Calfas PLLC on March 3, 2015, they began hiring the very Best Lawyers to work with them.  They hired Robbie Ward and Sergio Ybarra.  Robbie had been a high-ranking state and Federal Prosecutor, before becoming recognized as one of the Best Criminal Defense Lawyers even before joining LaHood & Calfas PLLC. Sergio has served several positions as a State Felony Prosecutor, but was most recognized as the second highest ranking prosecutor in the DWI Task force.

The LaHood & Calfas Team

The LaHood & Calfas Team

Back Row – Atty. Zachary Edwards, Family Paralegal Sandy Lopez, Atty. Robbie Ward, Atty. Chase Butler, Owner Marc LaHood

Front Row – Family Paralegal April Cruz, PI Litigator Linda Cortez, Former Judge LaHood, Attorney and Owner Neil Calfas, Atty. Sergio Ybarra, Criminal Paralegal Veronica Rodriguez

Attorney Marc LaHood

Marc A. LaHood

  • Marc is a native San Antonian who attended Central Catholic Marianist High School and Texas Military Institute, followed by Trinity University and St. Mary’s University as a law graduate.

  • He is NHTSA certified as practitioner and instructor and certified on Intoxilyzer 5000EN. Licensed in Western District Federal Court, he led the largest not guilty state drug charge in Bexar County, which ended in not guilty on the Kilo Coke case.

  • Membership in Mexican American Bar Association, San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

  • Aggressive trial lawyer with experience in federal, state, felony and misdemeanor trials. Successfully handled felony cases as far west as Pecos, Texas; as far south as Brownsville; as far east as Houston and La Grange; and as far north as Waco.

Neil Calfas

Born and raised here, Neil has a true appreciation for the San Antonio and South Texas culture.  Attended Roosevelt High School, University of Texas in Austin, San Antonio College, University of Texas at San Antonio, and St. Mary’s University College of Law.
Neil began his legal career working for the very Best Criminal Defense Lawyer of their time: Gerry Goldstein, Van Hilley and Mark Stevens.
Neil was the Continuing Legal Education Editor for the monthly publication for the San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.  He has served as a course director for Continuing Legal Education Courses and was an Adjunct Law Professor at St. Mary’s University School of Law.  He has also been an active member in the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Texas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  He has mentored numerous other lawyers that have excelled as criminal defense lawyers.
Neil has represented other Lawyers, Police Officers, Probation Officers, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacist, Accountants, Stock Brokers, Pilots, Train Conductors, Teachers, Real Estate Agents, high level Drug Dealers, murderers, pimps, prostitutes, fighters, club owners, dancers and many more.  He takes his job serious and takes each case personal.
Neil has been involved with numerous high profile cases that have made local, state and national news.  He has a reputation as an aggressive, smart, tough, but caring lawyer, who puts tremendous effort into each case.
From 1997 to 2015, Neil has successfully represented thousands of individuals.  After Nico LaHood won the November 2014 District Attorneys race, Neil Calfas decided to join forces with the equally talented and qualified Lawyer Marc LaHood.  Having tried Federal and State Jury trials together, and having never lost a State Jury Trial as a team, Neil knew that as a Law Firm they would create an immediate Power House.
Neil is regularly recognized as one of the very best lawyers in San Antonio.
Robbie Ward

Robbie Ward

Born in West Texas, Robbie Ward learned early the importance of strong family values and a strong work ethic.  Upon graduation from college, she moved to San Antonio to attend St. Mary's University School of Law. The internship she began in Law School became her first full-time job as a lawyer in the Bexar County District Attorney's office. Because of her hard work, intelligence and skills as a trial lawyer, she was quickly promoted to a high ranking Felony Prosecutor in the family violence division. While at the District Attorney's office, she was recruited by the United States Attorneys office. She worked as a Federal Prosecutor for over a year before becoming the First Assistant in the Ector County Attorney's office. After two years as the second in charge of the Ector County Attorney's office, she returned to San Antonio. Now in private practice with the premier LaHood & Calfas PLLC, Robbie is blazing a trial in her representation of those in-need of criminal defense, family, and personal injury matters. Robbie is very experienced in both state and federal court, and well respected throughout the legal community.  


San Antonio Criminal Defense Association
Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
The College of the State Bar
Texas State Bar Association

Sergio Ybarra

Born in nearby Hondo, Texas, Mr. Ybarra has dedicated his legal career to serving the area he’s always called home. As a child, his parents instilled in him the culture of hard work, so distinct to the people of San Antonio.
“My father always told me that with a little talent and a lot of effort, one man can make a difference in the world,” recalls Mr. Ybarra. “I learned from him that it was my responsibility to do my very best in order to be able to help others.”
With a degree from the University of Texas at Austin in hand, Mr. Ybarra felt called to return home and make his mark in San Antonio. After graduating from St. Mary’s University School of Law, Mr. Ybarra served as a Bexar County Assistant District Attorney, enjoying success in numerous jury trials. However, having gathered a tremendous amount of skill and experience as a prosecutor, he realized he was meant to use his talents to help those overwhelmed by a sometimes oppressive legal system.
Upon joining LaHood & Calfas, Mr. Ybarra joined forces with two of his toughest opponents when he had been a prosecutor, Marc LaHood and Neil Calfas. With his unique understanding of the mindset and methods of the prosecution, Mr. Ybarra provides valuable insight for his clients and colleagues; helping to achieve the best possible results to those who seek his help.

Saint Mary’s University, J.D.
University of Texas, B.A.

Named one of S.A. Scene’s 2016 “Best S.A. Lawyers” – Criminal Law
Attorney Sergio Ybbara
Chase W Butler

Chase W. Butler

Mr. Butler has been a part of the Texas legal system for his entire life.  From a family of attorneys and elected judges, Mr. Butler believes the practice of law is based on hard work, faith, and personal client relationships.  Originally from Bonham, Texas, Mr. Butler is a former Bexar County Assistant District attorney, a former intern for the Honorable Emilio M. Garza of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, and a former Staff Writer for the Saint Mary’s University School of Law Journal.  Mr. Butler is an experienced courtroom advocate and trial attorney, trying numerous cases in front of Texas juries and jurists.  If you are facing one of the most difficult legal challenges of your life, then you should contact an experienced lawyer as soon as you can.

Saint Mary's University, J.D. Cum Laude
University of Texas, B.A.

Named one of S.A. Scene’s 2016 “Best S.A. Lawyers” – Family Law
Named one of S.A. Scene’s 2015 “Best S.A. Lawyers” – Family Law
Named one of S.A. Scene’s 2014 “Best S.A. Lawyers” – Criminal Law

San Antonio Bar Association – Family Law Section
San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
John M. Harlan Society – Saint Mary’s School of Law
Phi Delta Phi Member

Zachary C. Edwards

After growing up just north of San Antonio in Comal County and graduating from Smithson Valley High School, Zach headed to Lubbock, Texas for his undergraduate degree. Upon graduation from Texas Tech, he went to SMU in Dallas to attend law school.
Mr. Edwards began his legal career with the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office, initially managing misdemeanor cases from the filing of the complaint through to trial. When he got promoted to felony level prosecutor, he was selected for the White Collar Crime Division. While there, Zach handled criminal cases from investigation to trial in a myriad of areas. These included various computer crimes, fraud, misapplications of fiduciary property, high level thefts, the promotion and possession of child pornography, gambling cases and police officer involved shootings. His next stop at the DA’s Office was in the Family Justice and Victim Protection Division, which entailed the prosecution of all manner of violent offenses and sexual assault cases. It was this section within the DA’s Office which most readily led to Zach’s current focus in the legal realm; family law.

From his 7 years with the Bexar County DA, Mr. Edwards has tried upwards of one hundred cases ranging from possession of marijuana to murder and everything in between.
Zach is currently the newest associate of LaHood & Calfas, PLLC, having been with us since November of 2015.
He handles civil and criminal cases, with a primary focus on family law.

Southern Methodist University, J.D.
Texas Tech University, B.A.

Named one of S.A. Scene’s 2016 “Best S.A. Lawyers” – Family Law

San Antonio Bar Association – Family Law Section

Zachary C Edwards
TX Criminal Defense Lawyer Association