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Legal Defense for Assault and Other Violent Crimes in San Antonio

Offenses considered to be violent crimes are those that involve the threat of or use of force. These crimes may involve violence as either the goal or the means of accomplishing the goal.

What Is Considered a Violent Crime?

Any crime that includes violence can be considered a violent crime. Some of the most common violent crimes are:

  • Hijacking

  • Bank Robbery

  • Kidnapping

  • Assault

  • Domestic Violence

  • Rape

  • Torture

  • Murder

  • Burglary

  • Terrorism

Since most of these crimes entail some form of injury to one or multiple victims, they are considered by law to be violent.

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is violence against a person or people that is carried out with a higher degree of malicious intent than ordinary assault.

An assault charge is raised to an aggravated assault charge if the offender:

  • Uses a weapon

  • Intended to commit a higher crime than assault

  • Causes a serious degree of injury

  • Intended to assault someone of very high status

  • Sexual assault is usually considered separate from aggravated assault, but depending on the circumstances and the intent of the offender, can be considered the same.


Murder is premeditated killing of a human being.

Those charged with murder can be convicted if they:

  • Have a purposeful intent to kill

  • Seek to cause serious bodily injury

  • Are indifferent to or do not value human life

  • Intend to commit serious crimes such as terrorism


Manslaughter is murder committed without premeditation. Manslaughter most often happens in a fit of passion or as an accident. Those charged with manslaughter often have a defense that relies on a lack of intent to kill.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is aggressive behavior that occurs among those who live together in a single home. The most common cases of domestic abuse involve spousal abuse, or violence toward one’s romantic partner.

This type of violence is difficult for victims to recognize. It often begins slowly and intensifies over time. Domestic violence often occurs with negative behavior by an abuser such as:

  • Reinforcing negative emotions in the victim

  • Attempting to control the victim’s social interactions

  • Threatening to hurt, kill or take away loved ones

  • Forcing the victim to begin using or continue using drugs or alcohol

  • Destroying the victim’s property

These behaviors can be signs that violence will or is already occurring without the knowledge of the victim.

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